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How To Optimize Your Skin Care Routine for Winter

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The blistery cold, windy weather is here and with it comes changes in your skin. Here are a few pro skin tips to help you with the transition....

How To Optimize Your Skin Care Routine for Winter


While our skin is changing and cell turnover is transitioning or possibly slowing it’s important to give it a little help. I recommend a gentle exfoliating cleanser or enzyme polish. Try to stay away from heavy gritty exfoliators because this can cause too much irritation this time of year and will be too harsh on our skin as it’s changing. Use lukewarm water, hot water will be too harsh on the skin epidermal barrier.


Internally and externally. Drink half your body weight in ounces daily! Apply a hydrating moisturizer. I recommend Osmosis Quench for Nevada’s dry cold climate. Also don’t forget to apply spf daily!

Use A Facial Oil

This may seem counterintuitive but trust me, the use of a facial oil will promote maximum hydration. Try Osmosis Nourish with avocado oil. It smells amazing and feels great on the skin.

Proper Ventilation 

Seems weird right when we’re talking skincare? Well ensuring proper ventilation will reduce the amount of toxin exposure.

Sun Exposure

I get it. It’s cold, you want to stay inside bundled up by the fire with your cup of hot beverage. It is so important for our mental health and yes, skin, to have some sun exposure throughout the cold months. We still need that vitamin D. (Wear your spf!)

Not sure where to start? We offer virtual skin consultations to help you build out a skin care routine that really works. Learn more about our Virtual Consultations here or reach us at 833-204-0173.

Show yourself love this Fall and Winter. Your skin will appreciate it.