skin consultation with patient at neves skin studio

What Does Skin Health Mean?

When the skin is stable, strong & balanced it prevents sensitivities while increasing resistance to both negative external and/or internal factors by repairing & maintaining normal cell functions.

Think of it this way…. Let’s relate it to physical exercise & healthy balanced nutrition. Consider the person who becomes stronger by both of these factors. In doing so they are able to perform routine tasks easier, recover faster after disease or injury & enjoy better quality of life. Skin is the exact same. Empowering your skin with the best nutrients & conditions will make it more tolerant & stronger. This means the skin will actively renew itself, heal faster, remain younger looking and ultimately function at its peak!

As with exercise & good nutrition we’re talking a consistent lifestyle approach right? Same goes with skin. No quick fix solution will provide longevity. It takes a plan of action in the form of treatment services, committed at home care protocols, body movement, eating well balanced, hydration & knowing this is a lifestyle. Trust me, if you look at your skin through this lens it’s where the magic happens.

I always recommend finding a skin professional who can recommend a good at home program for your skin type along with a plan of treatment services. Then, here is the hard part, stick to the plan! This is the most important to ensure you get the best results.