Meet Our Anti-Aging Secret

Meet Our Anti-Aging Secret

If you’re really looking for a skin transformation try incorporating stem cells into your skincare routine. One unique reason I use Osmosis in my treatment room and home care is because 1. the emphasis on beauty without compromise when it comes to clean beauty products and 2. I want my clients to entrust that the products I use on them and recommend for their home care will deliver clinical results. If you are on the fence with Osmosis products give the Stem Factor - Growth Factor Serum a try.

At age 25 we start aging. Yep…. at age 25! Yet, incorporating Stem Factor has shown 80% improvement in the anti-aging process within the first 90 days of consistent use. Its powerful ability to promote collagen + elastin has shown to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. I became sold on it when I noticed my neck tightening after a few weeks using it morning and evening.

Stem Factor serum is a clinically proven and technologically advanced growth factor product utilizing patented methods to feed stem cells & fibroblasts. This improves all aspects of aging and damage by encouraging the skin’s repair process while stimulating new cell development for youthful skin. Think of growth factors as your the cells control & command center. Without them cells don’t have direction on how to benefit your body appropriately. 

So why growth factors in skincare? Let’s break it down….

Key Benefits:

  1. 600+ growth factors and skin peptides

  2. Stem cell derived collagen and elastin

  3. Clinically proven skin remodeling with exosome technology

What does all this mean? First of all our skin is smart, so are our bodies and they generally know what we need and when. This is what happens when you use growth factors and when ingredients are bio-available. Your skin will decide WHEN and HOW to use them, how to transport and communicate with other cells in our body for improved performance and overall rejuvenation.

@osmosis_beauty Stem Factor contains 600+ growth factors and skin peptides, stem cell derived collagen & elastin and clinically proven skin remodeling with the use of exosome technology. Good for all skin types. 

Now let’s peek at some insight into some key ingredients:

  1. Hepatocyte Growth Factor - enhances wound repair and increases the number of macrophages for scar tissue removal.

  2. Transforming Growth Factor - increases new blood vessel

    formation and collagen production.

  3. Fibroblast Growth Factor - increases the number of collagen

    manufacturing cells along with increasing their production levels.

  4. Platelet Derived Growth Factor - creates new fibroblasts, increases

    the number of macrophages, and increases angiogenesis and new cell development

The sciencey stuff…. Exosome technology. Exosomes are made by the cells to package and protect the growth factors and cytokines for more efficient delivery into the skin. An intelligent microsphere that has special movement, navigational and targeting properties. It can easily move through tissues and deliver contents to neighboring cells. This means your skin will effectively utilize the contents in the way your skin needs to. Brilliant. The skin is so fascinating and has so such high level capabilities to heal itself.