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Does Your Skin Care Have An Effective Delivery System?

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This has been a topic of conversation lately with my clients. “Why are products peeling off my face?” “How come when I put my make up on my moisturizer smears underneath the foundation”

My first question is always “What skincare products are you using?”

Here’s why…. If you are spending money on products, usually OTC drug store skincare, the chance of them having an effective delivery system is unlikely. If your serums, moisturizers etc don’t have a system in place that helps products absorb into the dermis the products will sit on the surface without properly absorbing which also means they aren’t effective in targeting the issues you are likely using them for. This is why quality skincare is an INVESTMENT and if the products you use aren’t effectively absorbing you might as well save your money. I don’t mean this to turn you off to using skincare. The opposite really. There are a ton of great skincare brands out there that have effectively found ways to help active ingredients penetrate into your skin to give you desired and lasting results.

For the sake of what I know and I am most educated about I’m going to use Osmosis as an example. This is where I get a little science-y but a lot of you like to know the science so here goes…

Osmosis uses a liposomal delivery system. This means the ingredients found in Osmosis products are coated with a liposome called phosphatidylcholine which helps increase product absorption by 600%. It’s so effective, just look at that number 600% more effective at penetrating products deeper into the skin compared to other products on the market. That’s huge! I’ve heard our founder mention how he’s surprised Osmosis is still the only company using this technology and his answer to this was that it’s a very expensive process and system. However it’s what he uses because the results are dramatically more effective and using this technology NATURALLY enhances penetration into the cell as well as protects ingredients as they are delivered.

Also this… ‘Intercellular lipids like phosphatidylcholine are essential for corneocyte cohesion, and therefore the quality of the skin barrier, which prevents the evaporation of water, resulting in smoother skin, increased moisture level, and skin regeneration. Studies also show high levels of linoleic acid to improve acne.”

So there you have it folks. This is just an example of one product line. However if you are spending money on skincare please make sure it’s working in your favor. If you have a product you are using and if you are unsure if it has a good delivery system, I’m happy to research for you. I’m also happy to send you recommendations on what would be best for your skin after a thorough consultation. This is my passion. This is what I do and I’m super passionate about helping you, as a client, a friend, etc find what will work best for you.