Understanding Different Types of Facials: Which One Is Right for You?

Understanding Different Types of Facials: Which One Is Right for You?

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At Neves we offer a variety of facial services and treatments. When developing our service menu we wanted to make sure we were able to provide a treatment for every skin type and concern. Here we’re going to break down the services we offer and how to decide which service it best for you.

New Client Facial

For new clients we always recommend either starting with our New Client Facial and Consult, approximately a 90 minute appointment or the Acne & Advanced Sensitive New Client, approximately, 2 hours. In addition we offer 30 or 60 minute consults either in person or virtual. We always recommend clients new to Neves to book one of these services. With our consults we ask a variety of questions to best get to know your skin, your goals & concerns and develop a plan to optimize your skin plan. At Neves the majority of our clients & customers work with us on regular basis and follow our skincare home care advice. This approach helps us to best serve our customers and achieve the results they desire. 

After that initial introduction to working together we offer a variety of facial & non-invasive treatments. Here I’m going to break it down and help you decide what facial is the best for you to book. 

Signature Neves Glow Getter Facial

Our most popular facial is the Signature Neves Glow Getter Facial. This is a fully customized facial where we introduce skin health ingredients to not only target current skin concerns but optimize long term results. This facial consists of medical grade growth factors, clinical serums & custom active with a vitamin A based infusion using a skin safe retinaldehyde. This facial is great for all clients. Whether your focus is healthy aging, addressing fine lines & wrinkles, texture, improving acne or sensitive skin, targeting pigmentation… we’re able to address all concerns using a 360 degree approach to barrier health. With no downtime we optimize the integrity of your skin using a custom blended serum using a nano device to help penetrate the active ingredients 60x deeper into the skin. But what makes this facial so great is we’re not only addressing correcting skin concerns, we work on prevention all while incorporating a relaxing facial experience. We have two variations of our nano channel facial. The signature and the basic. Our basic version excludes additional serums. 

Signature Neves Gua Sha Facial

If you are looking for ultimate relaxation, lymphatic drainage to promote skin detoxification and decreasing puffiness you may want to consider the Signature Neves Gua Sha Facial by studio owner Amanda Brown. Her specialized approach to Gua Sha techniques has been developed over many years of hands on experience working on her clients. This facial addresses muscle release, lymphatic drainage and skin lifting and contouring techniques. A fantastic option for those looking to lift & tone the skin, decrease puffiness, assist with improving skin breakouts all while experiencing the zen of a gua sha facial. Amanda offers and option to include intra oral buccal massage as well to further improve the neutrality and release of facial muscles.  

Alpharet Peel Facial & BioRePeel

At Neves we are highly particular about the types of peels we offer clients and we have narrowed it down to two that we and our clients love. Both are no downtime to minimal downtime peels. No worries of sheet peeling here. Our Alpharet Peel Facial is a no downtime option to deliver a skin glow. It’s a perfect option before an event or for anyone looking for healthy, vibrant brightening of the skin. Another option is our BioRePeel Facial. This is a peel that addresses overall healthy skin aging. It can plump fine lines & wrinkles, improve tone, texture, pores and sometimes pigmentation. It helps to improve acne breakouts as well. This peel may have more downtime although somewhat minimal with dry, flakey skin for 5-7 days post peel.

This doesn’t happen to all clients but is a possibility. For all our peels we require clients to be on Neves staff approved home skin care or pre care kit leading up to the peel. We do require a consult before scheduling the peel. These requirements are in place to ensure the safety and health of your skin.

Quench AquaFacial

Our Quench AquaFacial is a hydrofacial machine we use to perform an exfoliating and deep clean facial service. Using a variety of aha’s (alpha hydroxy acids), bha’s (beta hydroxy acids) and hyaluronic acids to gently and effectively exfoliate, deep clean and hydrate the skin. This machine uses a system of suction & infusion to leave skin cleansed and glowing with no downtime. The quench facial is a good option for most clients but we do not recommend for clients who have inflamed acne or skin sensitivity’s such as dermatitis or rosacea.

SkinPen Microneedling

Our favorite & client favorite non invasive treatment to target healthy aging, skin texture, tightening and improvement in scarring is SkinPen Microneedling. This is our gold standard service for addressing fine lines & wrinkles, skin laxity, pigmentation. It can significantly help improve scarring from acne and surgical incisions. We advise clients to expect optimal results when performed in a series starting at 4 microneedling treatments spaced every 4-6 weeks apart. We use the FDA approved SkinPen device for all of our microneedling treatments to ensure high quality care to our clients who achieve the optimal results from a microneedling service. We choose SkinPen over other microneedling devices because of the safety mechanisms in place, a consistent depth with each puncture, creating millions of controlled micro traumas to the skin with each treatment.

Did you know with every that passes after age 20 we begin to lose about 1% of collagen? We have a solution. With each skinpen microneedling treatment we reintroduce 1% of new healthy collagen stimulation. This is why we call it the gold standard for healthy aging and addressing fine lines and wrinkles. In addition we provide a post care kit to help your skin heal optimally post treatment.

Ask us about our Deluxe Corrective Package to save 10% on your microneedling treatments. 

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Your Next Facial Is Waiting

Your skin is unique, your facial should be too. At Neves Skin Studio we take an individualized approach at helping you achieve your skin goals.

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