Everything You Need To Know About SkinPen Microneedling

Everything You Need To Know About SkinPen Microneedling

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One of my new favorite services to offer clients is microneedling with the SkinPen device. Ultimately with SkinPen we create thousands up to a million micro-channels in the skin at a depth to reach the epidermis and in certain situations or areas, the dermis. This signals the skin to stimulate collagen & elastin which is what our skin needs for all the anti-aging benefits. It will help to tighten the skin, plump & repair, reduce pore size, improve texture and can help to repair damage especially for acne or other scarring.

before and after results for skinpen microneedling

How it works: When you see me in office after cleansing we apply a numbing cream and let it sit on the skin for approximately 30 seconds. This will provide a lot of comfort during the service, most clients deny having much if any pain. We then do three passes per section of the face, additional options to add on are neck & decolletage (chest).

You’ll also have the option to boost your treatment two different ways… by adding prp/prf or with Anteage growth factor serum.


microneedling before and after results

Anteage Growth Factor is an additional option. This is a stem cell product which consists of growth factors & cytokines which act as a “control & command” for your skin. Essentially telling your cells how to function & repair. It’s a fantastic option to promote healing and optimal results.

Ideally we would like to see you in office for a consult prior to microneedling. At this appointment we discuss options and provide an estimate of how many sessions will be needed for desired results. Typically this is an average of 4 sessions but for certain situations it can be up to 8. We space these sessions out every 4-6 weeks. Once we get your skin to your goal I recommend quarterly microneedling treatments. At the consult I also discuss pre/post care. For the best results I’ll make recommendations on the use of home care products leading up to the appointment and for after the appointment. This will amplify healing and hopefully get you to your desired goals at a faster rate.

microneedling results after 3 treatments

Some of the options we look at for home care are SkinBetter Science and Anteage.

Another benefit of microneedling with SkinPen is the downtime is minimal. You’ll leave the service with very pink/red skin. This begins to fade within 4 hours. The next couple days your skin will have a mild pink tone. We advise to stay out of the sun, avoid warmth/heat including sweating, saunas, hot baths, hot tubs for about 5 days. We discuss all after care during the appointment.

Another point I like to make is the SkinPen device we use for microneedling. The design of SkinPen has the safety of clients in mind and is a FDA approved microneedling system. All needles used are one time use and safely discarded in a sharps container directly after treatment. If choosing to have a microneedling treatment please research your technician, make sure they have been properly educated in not only the use of the device but on bloodborne transmission.

Overall I highly recommend this service for most clients. Some contraindications include pregnancy/breastfeeding, active inflamed acne, active inflamed rosacea. We would work together as a team to get the later two under control & cleared before scheduling a microneedling session.

aesthetician walking by patient having a facial


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Your skin is unique, your facial should be too. At Neves Skin Studio we take an individualized approach at helping you achieve your skin goals.

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