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Medically Holistic Skincare...What Does That Even Mean?

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When researching a brand to use in my treatment room I had a couple of bullet points to check off. It needed to be effective in repairing, maintaining and correcting skin conditions without comprise. What I mean by without compromise is, I needed to find a skincare brand that eliminates the use of known to be toxic ingredients. Lucky for me, a peer of mine pointed me in the right direction and turned my attention to Osmosis Beauty, a medically holistic and clean skincare brand with a focus on healing the skin without compromising with harsh treatments or chemicals. After a lot of research with this brand, I knew it would offer and provide my clients with long term results while keeping their health at the forefront.

So what does medically holistic mean? Let’s break it down….

  1. R E S U L T S F I R S T A N D F O R E M O S T. It’s important for a medical grade skincare line to provide active ingredients with proven results for correcting various skincare conditions. Osmosis takes this approach a step further using a holistic method with the use of advanced technology to repair the skin. The ingredients used in Osmosis products don’t compromise the immune system, a compromised immune system leads to an inflammatory response (inflammation accelerates aging and reduces the capacity for the skin to maintain collagen density, DNA, and barrier health).

  2. I N G R E D I E N T T E C H N O L O G Y C E N T R I C . Osmosis maintains a collection of patented and exclusive ingredients designed to perform with a results oriented approach. For example, liposomal retinaldehyde (cannot be found anywhere else) which is the most tolerated retinol while also being the most clinically proven and effective collagen stimulator available. Real change occurs when you improve the actual health of the skin without harming it. Heal vs Harm. So simple when you think about it. Think vitamin A without the harmful and disruptive side effects.

  3. B A R R I E R H E A L T H . Traditionally in the skincare world, brands focus on exfoliating the daily. What research has shown is this increases skin sensitivity, sun sensitivity and increases dehydration to the skin barrier adding an increased risk for damage. Osmosis serums are designed to protect the barrier while targeting age-reversing repair through a patented delivery technology. These products specifically target the dermal-epidermal junction with oxidation repair technology, vital lipids, and proteins to encourage a healthier protective barrier while gently driving in the components the skin desperately needs to activate repair.

  4. D N A R E P A I R . Research has proven that the continued use of retinols and acids on the skin in fact cause more harm by inducing DNA damage which is why Osmosis avoids them. Instead DNA health is a primary focus and plays an important role in maintaining overall skin health. The liposomal retinaldehyde used in Osmosis Vitamin A products is UVB protective and stabilized, thus dramatically reducing the potential for DNA damage (sun sensitivity or risk for cancer.) Osmosis Beauty uses advanced DNA repair approaches, including our own patented Zinc Finger Technology and AC-11 that are clinically proven to holistically treat pre-cancerous lesions.

  5. C L E A N I N G R E D I E N T S. This one is huge for me especially as a professional providing a service to you…. CLEAN ingredients. For me it is so important knowing Osmosis recognizes the serious harmful effects of using toxic ingredients in skincare products. This topic is becoming more and more important. Toxins can be extremely irritating, damaging to the body and will detract from obtaining lasting results. The skin is constantly defending itself from the environment, so it does not need the additional burden of managing skincare toxins. These clean ingredients have also allowed many of Osmosis products to be oncology friendly.


So, whether you are strict at only using clean skincare ingredients or not, know Osmosis will deliver lasting, effective, corrective results with consistent use (consistency is key with any skincare regimen). No different here….. To schedule a consult or facial service with me click on the book link, if you don’t see a time on there that fits your schedule message me directly via email or DM on Instagram @nevesskinstudio linked at bottom of this page.